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Sperm analysis:

In order to make an initial examination of the applicant’s sperm, the applicant will visit the center and submit his sperm sample to the laboratory. Then the sample size, acidity, number, motility, shape of the sperm, whether natural or abnormal, are checked by the relevant expert.

Answer: Same day.

Sperm Freezing:

A doctor’s appointment will be made at a specific appointment in the center, in particular cases such as chemotherapy, a gradual decrease in sperm count, emergency procedures or in cases where the person is traveling abroad. On the appointed day, the person visits the center and, in accordance with the conditions stated, delivers the sperm sample to the laboratory. For freezing, the sperm sample is washed with special solutions and then stored in separate and special tubes in a liquid nitrogen tank. The freeze contract is renewed annually to keep the sperm sample in the freeze state. Sperm freezing is also done by testicular tissue sampling.

The process of sperm washing in the day of retrieval or ovulation:

On the day specified for ovulation, the patient’s spouse should be present at the center for sperm sampling. The sperm sample is washed with special solutions and the sperm are ready for injection into the oocyte.


The patient visits the infertility treatment center after being referred to the office and receiving ovarian stimulation medication and performing ultrasound and determining the day of ovulation. On the day of ovulation, after carrying the ovulation, the patient’s follicles are extracted from the patient’s ovaries by a gynecologist and collected under a microscope by embryology. The oocytes are then separated from the follicles and transplanted into the cytoplasm of the oocyte by special methods. At the same time, the patient’s wife sperm, which is washed and prepared by the embryologist in the andrology department, is transferred to the injection dish. All mature oocytes are injected by embryology and cultured in the incubator for 3 to 5 days depending on the type of transfer. In case of Fresh transfer, the desired embryo will be transferred to the patient, otherwise it will be frozen by colleagues in the freezer department.

Embryo biopsy: PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis):

In the embryo biopsy section, Patients applying for a PGD for gender determination or for chromosomes 13, 18, 21, or PGD Array or Molecular PGD are accepted, and depending on the type of PGD, different biopsy methods are used. It should be noted that at this center, the gender determination of blastomeric biopsy (day 3) and for thalassemia, molecular and Array PGD, trophectoderm biopsy (day 5) is used.