Shiraz Fertility Center

Drug treatment fertility
Operating women diagnostic surgery and treatment with laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
Performing all reproduction assistance treatment according to the world most advanced method including :IUI,IVF,ICSI,ZIFT,laserassisted hatching ,vitrification(ultra fast freeze)
Performing all assistance treatment in case of spermatozoon failure in semen liquid
Performing all quantitative and qualititative semen liquid tests according to world standard
Sperm nucleus maturity evaluation

Medical genetics laboratory

Diagnose genetics diseasesand transfer healthy embryo with the most advanced method and the best modern technology
Electing embryo sexbefore implanting in uteus with 100 percent accuracy.(PGD)
Diagnose 1900 genetic diseases for parents before child bearing .(especially in familial marriages )and preventing tobe transferred to next generation.)
Diagnose genetic diseases on amnion and CVS before birth with karayotype method,FISH, ARRAY CGH ,qf PCR
Investigating the most important fertility genetic causes
Defining the genetic causes of repeated abortion and preventing the repetition in next pregnancies by using the most modern and advanced technology.
Performing all genetics test including thalassemia ,blood genetic diseases,mental and physical disability,metabolic diseases and all genetic diseases and cancers and karayotype.
Performing CGH ARRAY for 24 types of chromosome on abortion production.
Performing HPV TEST on 36 types of viruses.(high risk and low risk ).
Healthy child breeding by using the most advanced genetic method in thalasmia conveyer couples for the fisrt time in south.
Electing sex for more than 4000 embroye before transferring to mother uterus with 100 percent accuracy.

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